Let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

We have one price for our classic booth and it includes all the bells and whistles!                       

$500.00 gets you three hours of....                                                                   

  • the booth
  • an attendant
  • all the props
  • HD Video Slide show
  • Green screen capability
  • social kiosk allowing your guests to tweet, post to fb, or email the photo booth photos
  • all the printed pictures your guests desire.
  • a scrapbook digitally created and sent to you after the event or create one at the event and let your guest leave well wishes.

We think that's a pretty sweet deal don't you? Curtains, backdrop, and props can be customized to your event!

Are you a school or non-profit? We have special pricing for you!

You want it longer? Just $50.00 for each additional hour! Call us or email us today!